Monday, September 2, 2013

Animals Have Feelings Too

I believe that all life is sacred , and that includes the lives of animals .

As I grew older, I realized that some animals bred for human consumption , and although this does not sit well with me , I know it is the way the world , and is accepted as normal practice . But I have a problem with killing animals for sport , men and weapons and traps take the life of innocent creatures . I had some white-tailed deer that walk through my garden , and although I often blame them for the destruction of my plants ( and emptying my bird feeder ! ) I watch them as they care for their children . How could this beautiful creature was slaughtered young and was orphaned only to meet the need for humans to kill ?

I work with my local humane society , and I was surprised to see a lot of cats and dogs are treated cruelly . One of the cats had been shot in the mouth by a group of teens and had been lying ill for several hours before being discovered . It should have a complete jaw reconstruction , at great expense to the owner , and suffered pain for hours . Another example where the kitten was placed in the microwave , so that only the owner can see how it would re- act .

People who inflict such cruelty should have a very stiff penalties placed on them , unfortunately it can only be monetary , but at least that might prevent others from doing the same thing . We are too soft at this time for those who make animals suffer no regrets .

I see some people are putting out a lot of geese on the ground bait farmers hoping to push a flock of geese that migrate south to the ground .

Then of course , they will continue to shoot as much as they could before the geese can fly away , this so-called " sport " . The geese mate for life so if anyone is killed then the other of the pair are left to mourn and face the rest of life itself , just the animals some would say , so what's the difference ?

I feel that the punishment for such inhumane treatment should reflect the nature of the crime , and that jail time for severe cases should be a regular thing , and justice for those who can not speak for themselves .

Finding the right memory for your Pet

When a cherished pet dies so it can be a very challenging time for everyone . The sterility and sense of loss that comes with the passing of a pet can be very annoying and to help you to come to terms with the loss , and to help enforce memories really love your pet you can think about the honor of your presence with a pet memorial keepsake .

Photo Commemorative Plaque

When the time comes to choose a long-term commemorative plaque your pet then you may possibly want to think about utilizing the well-loved photo of your pet as the basis of a keepsake that is very beautiful . This photo can be used to build a painting or drawing of your much-loved pet and various resources used consists of oil paint , watercolor , pastel , and charcoal . What's more , there appears a tendency to use the remains of your pet in the painting itself , and this is done by inserting ash with acrylic or oil paint to produce a work of art of your pet that will stand the test of time .

Other Options

There are many options that you can go if you 're looking for something a little different . Objects that you can have as a keepsake of your pet consists of such things , photo blankets , refrigerator magnets , photo books and keepsake boxes . The photo blanket is a blanket that has had your favorite photo of your pet screen printed on it so that you can coil and keep warm with your colleagues valuable . Photo books , commemorative plaques and fridge magnets will show photos of your much loved pet and companion dear departed .

Memento boxes come in a wide selection of models and will allow you to store a number of toys your pet or ashes in a special section . A photograph can also be drunk to the container , or you may want to have an artistic drawing printed or decorated to the container .

Glass memorial products can be built to withstand a small amount of your pet's ashes , which means that they can display on the window sill or in the breakfront display . You can also use a photo of your pet , which can then be transformed into a stained glass picture of your pet .

There is such a variety of ways to keep the memory of your pet vigorously , so try to choose the one that best suits their identity , and provide incredible memories for many years to come .

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy

Many times , people confuse happiness with pets of their own . The fact is does not take too much to keep your pet 's tail wagging . Make sure that you meet the needs of your pet by 5 secret pet happy .

basic needs

Animals have basic needs in the same way humans do.Your pet needs a safe shelter , water and food . As a general rule , your pet will be happier your pet feel more secure and safe . While this sounds simple enough , some people are still confused about the needs of pets. There are several things you can do to ensure this is met .

Get on a feeding schedule for your pet and keep this routine . Knowing the foods that come regularly every day will keep your pet safe and happy .

For your pet , always keep clean water available for your four legged friend . Make sure it is full and fresh with a check twice a day .

Weather considerations are also important . A house that is too hot in summer or not cold enough in the winter could spell disaster in terms of the needs of your pet to a safe habitat .

When you gotta go , you may want to bring your dog with you . By doing this , your dog will be protected from separation anxiety and devastation caused by boredom .

Play and Exercise

Think about creatures such as squirrels and birds that run continuously in the natural habitat . This shows that being happy is the one who is active , regardless of what species they are . It is unfortunate that many people buy a pet that requires minimal training . To keep your pet happy , make sure to carve out time every day to play and exercise .

setting boundaries

Knowing what the boundaries that keep pets happy . When you teach your puppy to sit before you go out the door or when you learn about cat litter box , you will not only feel better , but your pet also develop better self-esteem .


Animal unparalleled and isolated every day are more likely to feel happy . Brain involves providing your pet with pet toys , cat tree or even a treat now and then will help keep your pet in good spirits . Teach your pet a new job , skills or tricks . The more opportunities you give brains to stimulate your pet , the less likelihood there is for your pet to act out of boredom .

How to Analyze What Eats Your Pet

If you ask your vet what to feed your pet chances are they will say " Something with quality ingredients that balance . " What does it mean ? Not all foods are created equal , this applies to companies as well as material . Folks , it's not about name recognition . Do not be fooled by longevity in the industry .

Look at the two labels :

# 1 deboned Chicken , Chicken Meal , Oatmeal , Barley soil , Soil Brown Rice , Tomato Pomace , Rye Flour , Canola Oil ( preserved with mixed tocopherols , a natural source of Vitamin E ) , Tomatoes , Rice Bran , deboned Whitefish , Natural Chicken Flavor , Carrots , Spinach , Sweet Potatoes , Apples , Blueberries , Flaxseed soil , soil Millet , dicalcium Phosphate , Calcium Carbonate , Potassium Chloride , Minerals [ Zinc Sulfate , Zinc Proteinate , Iron Proteinate , Ferrous Sulfate , Copper Proteinate , Copper Sulfate , manganese Proteinate , manganese Sulfate , Sodium Selenite ] , vitamins [ Beta - carotene , vitamin E Supplement , ascorbic Acid ( vitamin C ) , vitamin A Supplement , Niacin , Calcium Pantothenate , Riboflavin , vitamin D - 3 Supplement , Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , thiamine mononitrate , Folic Acid , biotin , vitamin B - 12 Supplement ] , Choline Chloride , Taurine , Mixed Tocopherols ( a natural preservative ) , Glucosamine Hydrochloride , Chondroitin Sulfate , Chicory root Extract , Garlic , Yucca Schidigera Extract , Green Tea Extract , Lactobacillus plantarum dried , Enterococcus faecium , Lactobacillus casei , Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation products .

# 2 Ground Whole Corn , Chicken By- Product Meal , Ground Wheat , Meat And Bone Meal , Animal Fat ( Preserved With Bha / Bht ) , Wheat Flour , Lamb , Rice , Corn Gluten Meal , Natural Flavor , Salt , Potassium Chloride , Dicalcium phosphate , Vegetable Oil ( Source of Linoleic Acid ) , Caramel Color , Dried Beet Pulp , Titanium Dioxide , Vitamins ( Choline Chloride , Dl - Alpha tocopherol acetate [ Source of Vitamin E ] , L - Ascorbyl - 2 - Polyphosphate [ Source of Vitamin C * ] , vitamin A Supplement , thiamine mononitrate [ vitamin B1 ] , Biotin , D - Calcium Pantothenate , Riboflavin Supplement [ vitamin B2 ] , vitamin D3 Supplement , vitamin B12 Supplement ) , Minerals ( Zinc Sulfate , Zinc Proteinate , Copper Sulfate , Copper Proteinate , Manganese Proteinate , Potassium iodide ) , Added FD & C and lake color ( Yellow 6 , Yellow 5 , Blue 2 , Red 40 ) .

Which would you rather eat or serve to your family ? List # 2 has a mystery meat , animal fat preserved with generic Bha / Bht ( do a search on their beautiful disease causers ) , and the first ingredient is corn . The first five ingredients like the cover of a book . They set the tone . # 2 also has a poor source of carbohydrates and a lot of unpronounceable chemicals and dyes . While the food is to be preserved for shelf life and safety , there is a preservative qualities and then there are cheap , which is scary . We also sticklers for use throughout the meat of the animal named species ( eg , chickens than poultry , beef , instead of " meat " ) , and foods made from whole meat of the species named ( chicken meal rather than poultry meal ) . All animal protein ( even by - products , which tend to be lower quality than the meat muscle ) has much more to offer the dogs and cats of plant -derived proteins , especially wheat gluten and corn gluten . What is the source of their meat protein ? Are they human class ( there are currently no regulations on this term as used in the pet food industry ) ? Is half picked up from the floor murder ? Food is cheaper to get a source of meat / fat from rendering plants them . If you want an eye opener really good check out the article about rendering plants in . It may be clear in your 40 pounds of dog food for $ 4 , but also perhaps how you £ 20 for a $ 15 food brands made ​​.

Nutrition is more than filling stomachs of our pets . It is about nourishing them . Nutrition plays a big role in who becomes our animal friends . GOOD nutrition helps to maintain strong bones and muscles , their shiny coats , and even their personalities more stable . With proper nutrition , pet even able to cope with stress better . This means that the quality of meat , fat , and carbohydrate source .


Flaxseed , canola , safflower
FISH , etc.
Millet , Barley , SWEET

In all fairness , the quality does not come cheap . It is also not stocked at Kroger . Whatever your choice is to feed , know what you eat and why you eat it . Understand that sometimes you will look into the bank accounts and had to take a shortcut by buying a lesser quality food . However , be an informed consumer and make these decisions based on facts not misleading information . Do not just listen to the guy at the pet store , your neighbor , or a really cute commercial . Be aware that you get what you pay for .

Commercial Quality Brand
* Wellness * Fromm * Mulligan Stew * Life 4 K9
* Choose Holistic * Innova * Pinnacle * Halo
* By Nature * Canine Caviar * Azmira * Karma
* California Natural * Merrick * Natural Planet Organics

Most pet food manufacturers offer discount coupons or frequent buyer programs . Whatever you eat visit their website to investigate this offer .

Palate Catering to Pet

One can safely assume that most of the people in the world have one or two pet - be it a cat or a dog . They pulled out all the stops when it comes to caring for them , whether it's maintenance or feed them . Special pet shop stacked with all kinds of gourmet dishes and offerings . With a vast array to choose from , what should influence your choice ?

Maybe this is some thing to look out for :

• First , manufacturers must adhere to industry guidelines stating that the product is complete and balanced nutritional value her . You should look for a label on the package says it is . If this statement is missing , do not buy the product .

• some of the first ingredients listed should give you an idea of ​​the quality of the products - all meat , including water and preferably during eating meat , this does not include water . This list should include whole grains and vegetables .

• Look for an expiration date on the label .

• A high -quality companies will provide you with a website and a phone number so you can call if you need , for further information .

• pet your dog needs a high percentage of protein in the diet , and this will be found in the form of eating chicken , lamb or cow ate .

• If there is a grain content , make sure it is wheat . Whole grains supply fiber , vitamins and minerals . The best grains are rolled oats , barley , quinoa , millet and brown rice .

• Your pet , just like you , have different nutritional needs . Your veterinarian should be able to help you find out . Do also keep in mind that what is appropriate and appealing to you , do not need to be perfect for your pet ! By all means enjoy your chocolate , but it is toxic to your pet .

Although it is much easier to go out and buy all of these from the shelves in supermarkets or pet stores , home cooked meals for your pet certainly makes more sense . This way , you are sure what goes into it , and you can find out the preferences of your pet while serving it all fresh ! Of course , it will depend on how rushed your schedule . There are a whole lot of sites that provide delicious recipes whatever you want the dish to your beloved pet . If so , the only option is store bought food , it is best to stick with a reliable brand .

Every pet lover wants the best for his / pet . There is a mind boggling range of pet food available on the market . Knowing what dog food or dog food to get the best decided after consulting your veterinarian .

International Moving Tips For Pet Pet Relocation

We are pet lovers have to face the sometimes confusing task of moving internationally our pets with us . This can be confusing because the documents vary from country to country , and sometimes we are concerned about the welfare of our furry friends . Well , throughout this article we will discuss some tips for international pet moves that come in the form of a question you have to ask yourself , and get answers to , if you want to make your pet being international .

Restrictions : Does my pet laws in the country of destination ?

One of the things that you have to be careful with the laws of the countries ' set pet . This is even more true if you have exotic pets like snakes , tarantulas and so on . If your pet is legal in your country it does not mean it is legal everywhere - so do not take a trip without proper research beforehand , or you may get your pets seized , charged for smuggling or even get your pet put down . .. and nobody wants that.

Documentation : What documents are required to import your pet ? Most animals are treated as imports and exports when it comes to international travel . They also need heavy documentation in some cases , so another tip is that you should always research the proper documentation to return your pet . Ownership and birth certificates , as well as receipts may be required to prove the pet is yours and it is a pet and not a " good smuggling " .

Vaccination : Is your pet ready for a new destination ? There are two cases to consider here , the first is about the destination - you need to vaccinate your pet for a disease that does not need the vaccination in your country ? Is there a disease in there that your pet may never exposed ? The second case is about your home country - whether your pet carries the risk of infecting a new country with a disease that previously was not there ? Vaccination law is quite strict , and you are expected to have all vaccines , destination and country of origin , in order .

Customs: What is the procedure for transporting pets? Procedures for transporting pets vary from animal to animal , from transport to transport and from company to company . So , having said that , it is very important that you know the procedure from front to back and that you appreciate them and make the process run as smoothly as possible !

Quarantine : Is your pet according to the quarantine list ? Some countries often have species of animals in quarantine to prevent the risk of epidemics . Consult the list of quarantine purposes to avoid the possible risk of having your pet is held at your home airport .. There is no exception here , and there are reported cases of pet tarantulas thrown in vain simply because the owners failed to meet - you are responsible for knowing this . We hope that this small article and that these tips will make your pet relocation effort running smoothly . Research and prepare enough in advance and you will have no problems at all - it seems complicated , but it really is plain simple .