Monday, September 2, 2013

International Moving Tips For Pet Pet Relocation

We are pet lovers have to face the sometimes confusing task of moving internationally our pets with us . This can be confusing because the documents vary from country to country , and sometimes we are concerned about the welfare of our furry friends . Well , throughout this article we will discuss some tips for international pet moves that come in the form of a question you have to ask yourself , and get answers to , if you want to make your pet being international .

Restrictions : Does my pet laws in the country of destination ?

One of the things that you have to be careful with the laws of the countries ' set pet . This is even more true if you have exotic pets like snakes , tarantulas and so on . If your pet is legal in your country it does not mean it is legal everywhere - so do not take a trip without proper research beforehand , or you may get your pets seized , charged for smuggling or even get your pet put down . .. and nobody wants that.

Documentation : What documents are required to import your pet ? Most animals are treated as imports and exports when it comes to international travel . They also need heavy documentation in some cases , so another tip is that you should always research the proper documentation to return your pet . Ownership and birth certificates , as well as receipts may be required to prove the pet is yours and it is a pet and not a " good smuggling " .

Vaccination : Is your pet ready for a new destination ? There are two cases to consider here , the first is about the destination - you need to vaccinate your pet for a disease that does not need the vaccination in your country ? Is there a disease in there that your pet may never exposed ? The second case is about your home country - whether your pet carries the risk of infecting a new country with a disease that previously was not there ? Vaccination law is quite strict , and you are expected to have all vaccines , destination and country of origin , in order .

Customs: What is the procedure for transporting pets? Procedures for transporting pets vary from animal to animal , from transport to transport and from company to company . So , having said that , it is very important that you know the procedure from front to back and that you appreciate them and make the process run as smoothly as possible !

Quarantine : Is your pet according to the quarantine list ? Some countries often have species of animals in quarantine to prevent the risk of epidemics . Consult the list of quarantine purposes to avoid the possible risk of having your pet is held at your home airport .. There is no exception here , and there are reported cases of pet tarantulas thrown in vain simply because the owners failed to meet - you are responsible for knowing this . We hope that this small article and that these tips will make your pet relocation effort running smoothly . Research and prepare enough in advance and you will have no problems at all - it seems complicated , but it really is plain simple .

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