Monday, September 2, 2013

Animals Have Feelings Too

I believe that all life is sacred , and that includes the lives of animals .

As I grew older, I realized that some animals bred for human consumption , and although this does not sit well with me , I know it is the way the world , and is accepted as normal practice . But I have a problem with killing animals for sport , men and weapons and traps take the life of innocent creatures . I had some white-tailed deer that walk through my garden , and although I often blame them for the destruction of my plants ( and emptying my bird feeder ! ) I watch them as they care for their children . How could this beautiful creature was slaughtered young and was orphaned only to meet the need for humans to kill ?

I work with my local humane society , and I was surprised to see a lot of cats and dogs are treated cruelly . One of the cats had been shot in the mouth by a group of teens and had been lying ill for several hours before being discovered . It should have a complete jaw reconstruction , at great expense to the owner , and suffered pain for hours . Another example where the kitten was placed in the microwave , so that only the owner can see how it would re- act .

People who inflict such cruelty should have a very stiff penalties placed on them , unfortunately it can only be monetary , but at least that might prevent others from doing the same thing . We are too soft at this time for those who make animals suffer no regrets .

I see some people are putting out a lot of geese on the ground bait farmers hoping to push a flock of geese that migrate south to the ground .

Then of course , they will continue to shoot as much as they could before the geese can fly away , this so-called " sport " . The geese mate for life so if anyone is killed then the other of the pair are left to mourn and face the rest of life itself , just the animals some would say , so what's the difference ?

I feel that the punishment for such inhumane treatment should reflect the nature of the crime , and that jail time for severe cases should be a regular thing , and justice for those who can not speak for themselves .

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