Sunday, September 1, 2013

Can I Give My Ferret Raw Chicken ?

Expert Author Faith Kaltenbach
If one of your new pet is a ferret and you want to grow an active and strong as other pets in your home , you might ask yourself this question : " Can I give my ferrets raw chicken " Well , the answer to the question it is a big yes . The fact is that ferrets are carnivores by nature and therefore , they must eat meat to survive .

Because they are carnivores , most ferrets will definitely enjoy the chicken comfortably , either cooked or raw . However , if your ferret has never eaten at any raw meat before , she may experience stomach upsets . Therefore , it is recommended to start feeding your ferret on raw meat as early as possible so that it can be used for it .

Compared to other meats , chicken is probably the favorite weasel ' . This means that your ferret does not mind eating a big piece of chicken bones and chew all available software . In addition to help in cleaning your pet's teeth , raw chicken bones also played a major role in providing much needed calcium .

Due to the fact that ferrets have a very acidic stomach , you have to worry that the bones may choke your pet or that he may get intestinal damage . As a matter of fact , ferrets are known to have a fairly high metabolism , explaining why they are lean and active at all times .

While ferrets eat raw chicken , you have to be very careful . Do not offer him cold meat straight from the fridge because he might not find it appetizing . You should also avoid giving him processed foods such as cold cooked chicken because it would contain too much salt .

To create a balanced diet and avoid monotony , do not feed your ferret on raw chicken alone . Try including the types of quality pet food like kibbles , eggs , meat , cat food and dry pellets . If you want your ferret to eat raw meat alone for a long time , it is advisable to add some vital supplements such as taurine and calcium to prevent cardiomyopathy to avoid osteodystrophy .

Most importantly , do not forget to give your ferret enough water every day . Because ferrets like drinking water from the bowl better than they do from a bottle of water , make sure you change the water regularly for her to drink water fresh and clean every time he needs it .

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