Sunday, September 1, 2013

Are You Suffering from Depression Due to Loss of Pet During the Holidays ?

Expert Author Brent Atwater
During the holidays , when family and closeness is on everyone's mind , there are many people who do not have loved ones or even a beloved animal friends as they have gone to the Rainbow Bridge or Heaven .

The death of animals during this creates an increase in emotional stress for their carers . Depression set in the hearts of pet owners and that the unbalanced energy can manifest even physical " illness . "

Here are some suggestions to ease your " lost love " scars and ideas about how to turn your anxiety , depression and pain in attitude and positive action .

Let us resolve your neighborhood . You may have the largest office space and fanciest house on your street , but your world is empty . When you return home no tail wagging , purring or chirping greet . Each room has a deadly silence without toys scattered or fur balls to vacuum .

To silence the suffering of your soul when returning to an empty house that makes you ask " is this all there is ? " Encouraging pet during the holidays . Go to heaven rescue and help people walk . Share your love to eliminate the void with caring for others ! Take Your gift will give Muffy , Fluffy or Horace pet shelter has only one room - chain link , or give it to the local Humane Society . Animals are also grieving , your gift will make it a joy to live pets . Perhaps your contribution will help pet " continue to keep on " until they are selected for a forever family .

During this " family " social season , became the family for orphaned animals can heal . If you feel isolated create happiness with all the love that you and your pet together . Volunteer with a team of animal therapy to help lift people in hospitals and nursing homes !

Although your heart may die a thousand times to remember what " could have been " trying to incorporate other people who have lost their pet in your holiday plans . Despite their protests ... it will help everyone become more social and mental remind them that there is life , hopes and dreams after the death of a pet . Pet Resistant party celebration focusing on all the good memories of all the people sharing . Then you have " good grief . "

Are you still missing a special hug that only animals can give your beloved companion ? Dressed as Mrs. Claus , the children go ' hospital or home and hug those seniors who have been neglected . I visited my grandmother 101 years and meet 96 - his years Rose . After I hugged Rose , he said it was the first hug he received in the 10 years after her husband died . The last hug she received from her minister ... at her husband's funeral ... SO go hug ! ! MANY people and pets in need of a hug to change their day or life around .

The best gift of all is learning to communicate and connect with your soul pet , plus have your questions answered careful about losing your pet . The book Animal Life after Death and the " Living Longer " radio show gives a lot of learning opportunities that empower you to ask your pet what you want to know . You can even learn how to look and feel their spirits sit with you while opening gifts and special review all photos and memories together .

Most of these suggestions will make your heart scar less weight to sow love in the lives of pets or people who are less fortunate than you . It will divert your attention if only for a moment and take the pain and depression . Respect your pet this way will add light even with your darkest hour .

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