Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ecofriendly Holiday Gift Suggestions For Pet Products - Pet Safe and Easy On Environment

Expert Author Lynn Lavanga
As we shopped for holiday gifts ecofriendly our pets definitely on our list . As pet owners we know that finding a safe pet products is not a simple task . Because we love our pets and the planet we do not want our pet products are packed with chemicals that are harmful to both. Toxic ingredients in pet treats , toys , bedding , and clothing , could risk your pet's health and environmental health .

It takes great effort to find pet products that avoid the use of substances that may be harmful to your pet and the environment . So we have to handle the hard work and find organic , natural products , and ecofriendly earth for your smart pet owners to give your favorite pet as a holiday gift and throughout the year .

Check out these suggestions :

All renewable resources ; Eco Friendly Pet Bowl looks and feels like plastic but the strongest bamboo and rice husks cooked ! Biodegradable and made ​​from all natural ingredients , you have to touch and feel to believe . Completely safe for your pet and good for the environment .

Making a fashion statement with the responsible Reknitz ™ Cotton Dog Sweater . Sustainable ecofriendly dog sweaters made ​​from recycled cotton from pre - consumer textile table cutting . Memo reclaimed cotton reduces the amount of landfill and save stress on the production environment . Each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers , insecticides , dyes , or even farmland to produce ! Eco-friendly , hip , and comfortable , sweater design easily accommodates harness and leashes .

Only thing to walk around , adjustable Dog Collar and Leash Shalimar does not run with the pack . Made from organic cotton soft and comfortable - like wearing your favorite cotton shirt - This dog collar will not injure the skin ( for hairy varieties ) and will not mats or damage such as synthetic and leather coats will . You 'll love how the pretty pattern shows on both sides of the rope .

Sparkle & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect treatment for dog fur . Special brighteners ( not including bleach ) adds luster to coat while yogurt and honey condition and soothe the skin . For easy rinsing , the shampoo does not overly lather , soft , and will leave your dog smelling fresh and sweet . And safe for the environment !

Get snarls from your cat 's coat without a scratch by Natural Cat Fur Detangler Spray . Made from natural materials , this cat grooming spray free , pH balanced, gentle pet care chemicals . Contains natural ingredients that are safe, no dyes , no parabens , no chemical preservatives , no synthetic fragrances , no surfactant , and no detergent , it is safe for your cat 's health and the environment !

Natural treats made ​​from all the ' good stuff ' like organic oat flour , organic brown rice flour , natural wildflower honey , organic eggs cage - free , cinnamon and pure vanilla extract . We recommend Snickerdoodles Boxed Dog Treats . It's a sweet gift box contains 18 delicious cookies . Wrapped with a bow it makes a wonderful gift . You are sure to Pup wags his tail for this one !

Let the rest of your pet easily in a stylish , ultra durable , machine washable and earth friendly Eco Nap Pet Bed for cats as well . With the inner stuffing for added comfort and top stitching adds support , Eco Naps are made ​​from post- consumer recycled plastic , better known as the pop bottle . You can be sure this product will help eco divert more than 25 tons of plastic from landfills annually . Committed to a better planet , one pet at a time !

Sweet dreams for everyone in the house Organic Build - a- Bumper Dog Bed ® offers a choice of stylish colors to match your decor . Pillow is comfortable to use in the bed is made of recycled IntelliLoft ™ , made ​​from plastic soda bottles ! Keep plastic bottles out of landfills and uses less energy to clean and recycle plastic bottles than it does to make new plastic products have a low carbon footprint . Removable cover is made from organic cotton to avoid the use of pesticides and toxic chemical residues . This dog bed is a great choice for your dog , for you , and for the environment .

Here kitty , kitty , get that mouse ! Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton Hand - Dental Knit Cat Toy with squeaker will keep your cat occupied for hours . Funny cat toys mice have features of natural flossing . Pesticide -free organic cotton is safe for your cat and good for the environment .

Your dog will love this ! A fresh new idea in the world of flying discs , Zisc Eco Friendly Dog Toy engineered from a very soft , yet durable Zogoflex made ​​from recycled materials landfill avoided . It will not hurt the dog 's mouth or the environment is a must have interactive dog toy !

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