Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coping With Loss Of Your Pet

After the loss of a pet, many people take great comfort in dealing with others who are going through the same experience . Often , in our own circle of friends , family and co-workers , we were not able to find the emotional support we need as we work our way through the grief of losing our pets .

More and more people seem to turn to the internet , and with the help of strangers they are able to navigate through a range of emotions that go hand in hand with love , and the loss of cherished pets .

Facebook has many pages dedicated to lost pets. People will often post photos and receive messages and words of encouragement from somewhere around the world .

There are newsgroups and forums lost pet . People can post questions , talk about what they feel , or even look back at old posts and may find comfort in reading the message or answer someone who previously has been posted .

There is a tribute website where you can make a beautiful tribute to your beloved pet and share with others .

There is a candle lighting ceremony , groups of Pinterest , and even pet bereavement counselor who specializes in helping people who are grieving the loss of a pet .

Some people find comfort they come up with a way to save a pet . They can choose to donate money in memory of their pets in the hope that their losses will at least help save other pets . Others choose to adopt a pet and found this to be very entertaining and useful . Having a new pet enjoy eating from a bowl of their pet , sleeping in the bed of their pet and play with their toys can be a source of comfort . However , adopting a pet while you are still raw emotions of your loss is not always the wisest move . A pet is a lifetime commitment and made ​​a hasty decision to adopt a pet is not fair to you or the pet you adopt . Instead , I suggest volunteering at a shelter or rescue group . This way you can still enjoy being with pets, but do not have to make a commitment until you are ready . Taking the time to heal is always recommended .

There is no right or wrong way to grieve . No one can give a precise time frame for how long you should grieve over . However , it is important that you grieve productive , that it helps you heal and move forward . Whatever method you choose to help you deal with your loss , make sure it works for you .

In Just Over The Rainbow Bridge , we help people create a memorial for their pets that can be shared with family and friends . We feel it is important to celebrate the lives of cherished pets . During November all the memories are free . Please visit our website , take a tour , and we will help you create a memorial that pays tribute to a beloved friend .

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