Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is Pet Dog or Cat Know It Will Die ?

Expert Author Brent Atwater
When the animals are preparing to Die and go to the Rainbow Bridge or Pet Heaven , it is called the Transition Process . During this transition the physical body energy your pet will be in conflict with his love for your soul . Beloved companion you 'll want to " be there " and " stay " emotionally for you even though everyone may or may not understand what is happening .

Sometimes when pets are preparing to graduate and you do not consciously want them " survive " for your interests :

? ? ? Pet will run away and start " distanced " himself from you .
? ? ? Do not see you in your eyes .
? ? ? Avoid personal contact with their normal habits .
? ? ? Living or hiding in another room trying to avoid conflicting energy you want them to live and they know " it's time . "
? ? ? Another sign of the impending transition that is when you see an older pet or sickly sitting in a window or door just staring out as if they memorize their last earthly sight . They are !

Do not have a sense of guilt about the death process . Remember , whatever happens is " scripted " and agreed between your soul before it happens . This is a contract animal soul that your pet knows and knows he / loved and that you are and do the best that you can and can perform during this terrible time .

If the death was " sudden accident " scenario planned as well . KNOW that everything is exactly as it is supposed to learn your lessons and the opportunity of each contracted for experience .

Usually 24-48 hours before the soul leaves the body of your pet will begin to pull her life force energy . If you can see the energy , their aura will be gradually reduced . Now you have to accept that their physical transition is imminent . During this period of time or even before you can ask your pet's life if it will be transformed .

If you see an aura ( field of subtle , luminous radiation surrounding a person , pet or an object like a circle ) , you will be able to see your pet electromagnetic life force energy ( aura ) becomes more centrally organized near the area of his heart . During this period the animal 's physical body becomes colder because their energy is being gradually withdrawn in preparation for departure . Progressive physical process started as cold feet and ears , pale gums , then the eye sluggish or unresponsive , etc.

If you can track and see the life force energy as I do , you will see interesting animals his aura of energy in the body . Then the aura of your pet will start to have a lot of black holes in it . When energy pet becomes totally black , at that time , you know life force energy they have completed the transition and separated from his body . You will then see a purple energy rotates in an upward direction rotates counter clock wise as their life force essence crossing the death line , solid black area , before reappearing in life after death as a side light bright white flowers in " all there . "

If you want to help your friend appreciated the transition easy and without any physical complications awful , here's what you can do :

1 . Hold the front foot by hand or place the hand you write with ( the energy you send out hand ) on the pet's body near the heart . If this is difficult to do it is not important .

2 . Looking into the eyes of your pet if possible but not necessary . Ask in your heart or out loud : ( . Lets say one time or as often as you like ) mean you will assist in making the transition your pet gently as possible . Do not change the words or to change the type of energy delivered . " Fill in the blank with the name of the pet , I love you . I respect , appreciate and support your choice . From the love in my heart , I send my life force energy to use as you choose. "

It's important that you use the words " you choose to do so " so your pet can use the extra energy boost to either cross or be a better choice --- Thus THEM !

Each animal like humans have several options predetermined exit point in their lives . Your pet can choose to survive and stay in the point of exit or cross . The concept is in line with the phase of a cat nine lives . Remember , no matter what you want , there is a point beyond which any physical body can not regenerate or recover .

If your pet has to decide whether to leave suddenly , after the disease or the aging process , at some point in time BEFORE they crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge , your pet will create a soft Memory Moment . This is how they honestly acknowledge the love and say thank you because they finish this incarnation .

Memory Moment is the point in time when your pet create an activity , attitude or behavior is out of character for them at this point . It is a very different attitude and clear that you remember and recall wondering why they act like that . Or ' valiant effort to appear " normal. "

Cat A client was very ill for many months and lived alone in his bed in a dark corner . A few days after the confirmation of the client began to say , the cat got up , came to sit on his lap and purr for the first time since his illness began . That night she went to sleep quietly ( without help ) in a safe place while the owner of love guardian stating this assertion . A dog lying in the lap of its owner and sent him telepathic Kaleidoscope of all the sketches are beautiful and happy with them for the 17 years .
Then he quietly breathed his last .

A 31-year- old horse could not get up or stand up for a week , suddenly stood up when someone was arriving . They walked out together so he could graze . Midnight endures a shower and then stand in the sun eating carrots and sugar cubes while drying . After a good dinner with an extra apple , he stood quietly munching hay . When he left for the night , he whinnied softly love their special calling . He was very happy ! He seems to be " much better . " In the light of dawn , he received a phone call , Midnight died during the night , but he has managed to create a lasting memory Moment !

Moments of Memory others can , you stare at your pet is very intense for long periods of time , as if they were telepathically trying to tell you . Reaching as always to touch you with their feet , may sleep under the covers or under a bed , not on a bed as usual , all the signs are subtle . Sending you dream that they leave while they were still alive or get a " good " and activities that make you think they 'll do just fine !

It all privileged communications and their brave efforts to create a beautiful moment of memory all the good things and full of love to let you know no matter what happens , everything is just as it should be !

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