Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pet Loss - Facing the Holidays

Come and go is keterberian a seasonal holiday . We no sooner shut the door on a day off when the next one was on the porch ringing our doorbell . For those who have lost a beloved pet , the holidays can be a source of emotional rollercoaster .

Every holiday is a reminder of what we have lost , and there are so many reminders . The Halloween costume we find as we pull out the holiday decorations last year . The Christmas stocking we lovingly embroidered with the name of our beloved pet . Funny pictures of holidays past .

Because each drawer near the holidays , memories come flooding back . Memories are amazingly clear . They brought tears to our eyes , but as we begin to heal , they also bring a smile to our faces . And with that smile , we know that we have taken the first step toward healing .

As we heal , our pictures are no longer just a source of sadness . Instead , we can look at them and smiled at the silly expression on his face when he opens his Christmas present . We immediately had a flashback to live with a lot of memories that go along with the photo . We remember the clothes we carefully chose for her to wear . We can remember the exact moment we snapped photos. We surprised ourselves by being able to instantly recall the comments of family and our friends . Uncle Fred said how she looked adorable . The smile on the face of Aunt Sally when she commented that she felt the expression on her face as she was very shy .

Because every holiday is over and we managed to emotional work our way through it , we are once again confronted with a reminder not to lose another pet . After every holiday there are photos of a never ending pet costume posted all over the internet . And do not forget the video never ending pet can be posted following every holiday . Do we look at them and cry ? Or do we see them and appreciate them for what they are ? Do you avoid looking at certain photographs that show breed your beloved pet wearing a costume ? Or do you enjoy looking at pictures of their pet costume though so it looks like your pet do?

For many people , after the loss of a pet, there seems to be a holiday that is more difficult to pass than others . It could be Christmas , Halloween or even July 4th . But as we begin to recover , that same holiday will be one that is filled with wonderful memories that will one day make you smile .

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